30 Augustus  2020.

Nationale Indische dag.

vanaf 1945 zijn veel Indo’s naar Nederland gerepatrieerd. Dit vieren we voortaan op 30 augustus.  Wegens Corona, met Skype vanaf 20 uur Log in op mijn volledige naam Rudolf Ferdinand Pfaff (nt2examen)



28/8/2020    / 1/9/2020

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The next Language exchange meetup is Friday, August 28  at 7:30 p.m. in hotel Citizen M,  Gelderseplein 50 Rotterdam 3011 WZ 

Folow the Corona rules. 1,5 m distance. Register you at the Hotel desk with your name, your E-mail address and your Phone number. Follow the rules of the hotel staff, order you drink and it could be that you have  to weare a mouth mask/

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We have regular language exchange meetups. Exchange your language with a Dutch resident. We meet each other mostly in hotels or in Restauarans. Admission is free, but you have to pay for your own consumptions. Keep also the 1.5 meter distance in mind. The exchange meet up  are  only accessible for 10 people, but if it is full you can join it online by zoom, with topic: Rudolf PFAFF’s Personal Meeting room. Join zoom with              meeting ID: 237 876 0954

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