Allianznt2 organizes ONA courses under the guidance of a language teacher for writing your Curriculum Vitae (CV). If you take ONA lessons with us, we will work on your portfolio in the area of your employment history and working in the Netherlands. You will get a complete working image of the Netherlands using the DUO result cards (DUO resultaatkaarten) . You get insight into how and where in the Netherlands you can find work.

You get a list of temporary employment (uitzendbureaus) agencies and the sites on the Internet where you can view vacancies.

The course is also practical. We also teach you how to register with the UWV (the Employee Insurance Agency).Language helpers help you find (paid) work and during conversation classes we practice the interviews with temporary employment agencies and employers.

In short, if you take ONA lessons with us, then you know how you can find paid work in the Netherlands.