Mannagement Statement

Management statement:

hereby declare that I:

1 am not in state of bankruptcy or liquidation traffic or to me moratorium

of payment has been granted.

2 did not stop the tested work or in a similar on state of traffic.

3 did not submit a request to the court for bankruptcy, liquidation or extension of payment.

4 have not been convicted of a criminal offense that affects the (professional) morality.

5 am in the exercise of my business or profession no serious errors of other or criminal nature. A Declaration on Behaviour  (VOG) is included in the appendix \lsdlocke

6 have fulfilled my obligations with regard to the payment of taxes in accordance with legal requirements.

7 have fulfilled the obligations with regard to the payment (payment obligation) of the social insurance contributions in accordance with the legal provisions.

8 can comply with the method of invoicing as prescribed by the client (s).

9 can account to the client about the progress of the process.

Rotterdam, 1 January 2019 Rudolf Ferdinand PFAFF