Ruleas and general conditions

After your registration, by e-mail or by telephone, you will receive a registration form, which you must send to us by e-mail. Upon receipt of the registration form you will receive an intake, to study together, which language level you want to follow

If you are unable to send the form by mail, please fill it and hand it over at our appointment and intake. During the intake, we examine what your language level is and we examine in which module you can be placed. We also discuss the times and hours of the lessons


1.1 A module always takes 13 weeks and at least 2 X 2 hours per week. By appointment it can be more weeks and more hours per week.

1.2 You get 2 weeks time to decide if you want to keep track of the lessons. The first 2
Weeks are always on trial and always free.

2 If you decide, after the 2 weeks to continue the lessons with us, you sign the lescontract and you have to pay the Lesson fee within 10 days for a learning module, before you can follow the lessons of a module. If you do not want to follow the lessons. For example, because the lessons are not what you expected, you give this to us in writing by e-mail. You get your tuition back.

3 When stopping after the 2 weeks followed, no tuition is returned to a module of 13 weeks.

4 A learning module always takes 15 weeks, 2 of which are free trial weeks. Therefore, the actual duration of a lesson is always 13 weeks.

5 You should follow all lessons. 100%. So also the conversation lessons. If you cannot follow the lessons due to illness or other cause, no refund is provided.

6 For long-term illness, please report this to us. Deviating from the previous one we can make a settlement and give a refund, deducting the lessons enjoyed.

7 In order to comply with the arrangement of the DUO, you have to place your signature on the contract.

8 If for any reason, you cannot follow the number of hours, you need to purchase classes.

9 The lessons are given by a qualified teacher. With the help of paid and unpaid language help, during conversation and help in making homework.

10 If you have any complaints, for example about the teacher or about a language aid or about the lessons, you have to make this known in writing to us. See the complaints regulations and the complaint form.

11 We give an exam guarantee. If we give the advice that you can take the exam and you fail, you will receive extra lessons.

12 The exam guarantee does not apply if you take an exam unsolicited and you do not succeed.

13 If you have paid for a module, you agree to these Terms and conditions.