General Complaints Regulation Allianz Nt2Complaints

1. Definitions or TermsIn this regulation the following is meant:• a. Complaint: An expression of dissatisfaction with the services provided by Allianz Nt2• b. Management: The director of Allianz Nt2• c. Complaints coordinator: The employee who is responsible for coordinating the complaint handling

2. Right of complaint2.1 Everyone has the right to submit a complaint about the services of Allianz Nt2. 2.2 One can not complain about the content and the way in which a statement by Allianz Nt2 is drawn up.3. Submission of a complaint

3.1 Complaints can only be submitted by letter, for the attention of the complaints coordinator.3.2 The letter with the complaint must be signed and must contain at least the following:• a. Name, address and telephone number of the person who complains• b. the date on which the letter was sent• c. a clear description of the complaint3.3 The letter with no date is given the date of the day on which it is received.3.4 If the letter with the complaint is in a foreign language and must be translated, one must take care of this yourself.

4. Receipt confirmationWithin 7 days after receipt of the complaint Allianz Nt2 sends an acknowledgment with the following information:• a. The date on which the complaint was received• b. the period within which the complaint is handled• c. the way in which the text of the complaints regulation can be requested or read via the internet.

5. No obligation to handle complaintsAllianz Nt2 is not obliged to handle a complaint in the following cases:• If the same complaint has been submitted and dealt with earlier• If the incident occurred more than six months ago

6. Treatment6.1 The complaint can be solved by telephone at any stage of the complaint handling. This will then be confirmed in writing.6.2 If the complainant is satisfied with the resolution of his complaint, Allianz Nt2 will not have to deal with the complaint further.

7. Dispensation7.1 Within 4 weeks after receipt of the complaint, the complainant receives a written and motivated response.7.2 If a complaint can not be handled within 4 weeks, the complainant will receive a written notice of this. A period will then be given within which the complaint will be handled.

8. Closing a complaintA complaint is closed if:• a. The complainant withdraws the complaint• b. after mediation or after consultation it appears that the complainant no longer needs further treatment of the complaint• c. Allianz Nt2 has handled the complaint as stated in article 7.1

9. Archiving. After the complaint has been processed, your complaint will be destroyed after 2 months.

10. Guarantee privacyAllianz Nt2 ensures that the documents and data submitted for a complaint and that concern the complainant as a person are treated confidentially.

11. Date of entry into force. This regulation comes into effect on 1 January 2019


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