Free conversation for every level Dutch. High time to learn Dutch for Civic integration at level A2 or state examsB1 or B2. You learn to speak directly, face to face, in a discussion group with language buddies. See https://www.meetup.com/en-US/ALLIANZ-NT2-PRAATCAFE/

You also learn to improve your pronunciation yourself with your ownsmartphone, laptop or tablet in an internet language lab. ThisTaallab is an extra option. See www.relanpro.nl for more information.

We provide also paid lessons for the levels A2 (integration/Inburgering)and state exams B1 & B2. With a teacher you learn in class the Dutch grammar and spelling. We also help you pass the ONA and KNM exam succes fully.
In practice you learn to look for paid work and we help you to acquirean internship. Call us on 0629625582 or fill in the contact form formore information.

If you learn from us it is necessary that you purchase

a tablet or laptop *, You will have to purchase your tablet or laptop by yourself. We can not mediate in that.

phone contacts for advertisements will be charged.
Note: This is a site for Dutch language lessons. It is not a site for insurance. Are you looking for insurance? Then go to https://www.allianz.nl/particulier

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